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Art has been my way of meditating and expressing myself since I was a child, It takes me to my own universe where I feel at peace with myself and my surroundings.  My inspiration comes from the old European masters, more specifically the renaissance and the rococo movements. 

A drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci, a painting by Francois Boucher or a gothic cathedral can make me travel in time and mesmerize me for hours. 

My style is very different from the style of the old masters that have guided me in my career as an artist, but they have helped me grow and understand their techniques so I can create my own, adapting it to my personality.

In my still lifes, I try to find the beauty that hides in common objects which we don't usually give much attention to in our daily lives, but if we stop for a second and take the time to really observe, we can find an explosion of colors, stories that have not been told and a completely different world to which we can travel to escape reality for a second.

Besides painting, I enjoy photographing and looking at nature, animals, listening to baroque, organ, and classical music, studying languages and reading.

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